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Party Foul, by Brooks Reeves

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Simple general fun, April 29, 2012
by EsotericAlgorithm
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The premise of the game is well executed: throughout the game you feel like you're being held in place by the sadistic forces of hell as you try and escape. Perhaps the best quality of the game aside from the premise was the puzzle quality. None of the puzzles were overly difficult and as one reviewer mentioned the hardest part was the timing aspect. (Spoiler - click to show)I probably had to spill on the order of 8 drinks before I was able to get the celery secretly hidden away in my purse. The reaction when the Ron see what you've done to his celery is priceless.

The game took me longer than I think it would most people (an hour or so), it started to get irritating towards the end with the timing aspects simply because once you know how to solve the puzzle the process of executing it is rather mundane.The story didn't remain strong compelling throughout, the implementation however was spot-on.

Violet, by Jeremy Freese

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I belly laughed, April 28, 2012
by EsotericAlgorithm
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The game starts of with the simple premise of needing to write a thousand words but your procrastination gets the better of you. I have a final on Monday and two others in the coming week, to describe what I'm doing playing this game as procrastinating would be generous.

I'm relatively new to IF (having previously only played Hitchhikers and a couple smaller IFs), so this game took me about an hour to complete. Most everything in the room has a specific interaction but the plot as a whole is linear and expects the puzzles to all be solved using increasingly absurd solutions but they are Monkey Island absurd.

I liked the characters. I can see how some of the other reviewers found fake Violet but it didn't turn me off from it. The ending alone is worth the jaunt, it just so happens the going through it is fun too.

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