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Light Space, by Tsmpaul

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Light Space, March 14, 2022
by Gryphon
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General Recommendation: I recommend this game, it's fun and uses its concept well to provide interesting challenges.
Preview: Your ship got stuck in hyperspace, and you need to solve time-travle-related puzzles in order to survive.



Basic Plot & Coherence:
Itís a strong premise, youíre stuck in ďlight spaceĒ, similar to the concept of hyperspace. Largely, this serves as a backdrop for solving time-travel-related puzzles and trying to figure out how to use your items to successfully defeat the space pirates and survive. The plot isnít too complex, since itís mainly a puzzle game.
There were places where the plot didnít really make sense. It isnít clear why the time on the ship shifts as it does, nor is there any real way for the player to take advantage of it. Some places that seem totally safe later turn out to be deadly. It also isnít completely clear why some circumstances change that allow you to solve puzzles that were insolvable before. That said, other than this, itís a tight game.

Characters & Development:
There are really only two characters, you, and your granddaughter. While they both serve their purpose in the narrative, it would have been nice to see more development.

The grammar seemed fine.
Mastery of Language:
The language is simple and direct, which is appropriate for a puzzle game.

Mechanics & Coding:
Here is the gameís chief point. Itís mostly a puzzle game, where you figure out how to get your ship back into normal space, so as not to die horribly. Itís not completely clear why some vital mechanics having to do with the time distortions work they way they do. It seems to be fairly random.

Itís a linear puzzle game with one victory ending.

Player Options/fair choice:
The player always has plenty of options, and the consequences of those actions are forseeable and fair.

Nothing to speak of. I played through and solved the puzzles with minimal deaths.

CONCLUSION: A short fun game with interesting challenges.

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