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games like color the truth - 9 votes for 7 games; created November 23, 2022
A poll by cray21
i am looking for more games like color the truth, honestly, i enjoyed playing it, and i hope there are more games like it

Parser games (any system, any age) with English rural setting/atmosphere - 20 votes for 12 games; created September 17, 2021
A poll by Marco Innocenti
I'm looking for any parser game (modern or vintage) that is set in an English, rural, Victorian overall ambient, both indoor and outdoor....

Games that are adaptations of conventional (not CYOA) books - 43 votes for 29 games; created February 24, 2021
A poll by ChrisM
I'm interested in games that are straightforward adaptations of conventional books (probably novels, but I'd be interested to know if...

For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Story of 2018 - 14 votes for 13 games; created April 15, 2019
A poll by MathBrush
This is for suggesting games released in 2018 which you think might be worth considering for Best Story in the XYZZY awards. This is not...

Cool Murder Mystery/Detective Games - 43 votes for 18 games; created September 25, 2013
A poll by Christopher Caesar
Hey everybody. I am looking for a murder mystery text game. I finished An Act of Murder a while ago and want to play more games like...

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