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One Hit Wonders - 32 votes for 16 games; created May 11, 2019
A poll by deathbytroggles
Good games by authors who apparently retired after their one gem.

games where you can create your own character/aspects of character - 10 votes for 8 games; created October 28, 2017
A poll by Angharade
I'm curious if there are any IF games where you can create your own character. I'm more interested in parser games than point and click,...

Games with character creators/creation - 11 votes for 10 games; created August 3, 2014
A poll by cynical11
Basically, any game that features any kind of character creation system; but, the more in-depth, the better.

Games with good rpg elements that are if - 25 votes for 13 games; created September 30, 2011
A poll by Zzoro26
I'm looking for a good interactive IF that has good rpg elements

1-4 of 4