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IF Compilations (Games made of parts of other games) - 9 votes for 8 games; created March 18, 2022
A poll by penguincascadia
Hello everyone, I'm looking for IF games that are mergers of other IF games or parts of other IF games together. Bonus points if the...

Mise-en-abīme - 26 votes for 17 games; created June 17, 2016
A poll by Sobol
Mise-en-abīme is a technique of having a play within a play, a painting within a painting, etc. Let's list those interactive stories...

Glulx Hyperlinks - 5 votes for 5 games; created January 7, 2013
A poll by Jeremy Freese
I was playing around a bit with a couple of the Glulx hyperlinks extensions, and this led me to be interested in looking at some games...

This Is Who We Are - 64 votes for 29 games; created September 12, 2012
A poll by Sam Kabo Ashwell
A considerable number of games exist largely as the commentary of the IF community (or some subset of it) upon the medium and the...

Most unique games - 42 votes for 25 games; created August 4, 2009
A poll by Jeremy Freese
Whatever else might be said about ___________, there's not another game like it.

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