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Games Where the Title Is You - 46 votes for 41 games; created September 11, 2020
A poll by AKheon
Games with a title that is the same as the main character.

First attempt IF - 22 votes for 19 games; created April 6, 2020
A poll by beecadee
Anyone wanting to write IF has to start somewhere. Looking for games that were authors' first attempts... First attempts in a given...

Some of the worst games written. - 4 votes for 4 games; created July 23, 2015
A poll by Bishopofbasic
The last time I put up a poll, I got some really great games, and loved playing them. So now I'm looking for some of the worst IF games...

Hilariously Bad IF games - 17 votes for 11 games; created November 10, 2013
A poll by american00b
Earlier today, I felt like playing an Interactive Fiction game that is the literary and stylistic equivalent of such masterpieces as...

The worst IF ever? - 20 votes for 13 games; created October 18, 2013
A poll by theqbasicwizard
I'm wanting to do an episode for the podcast that deals with only the worst possible IF games ever programmed? You know the kind that if...

Child authored IF - 12 votes for 9 games; created October 24, 2012
A poll by Hulk Handsome
It's incredibly unlikely to find a game created by a child (12 years or under) that's actually well made, but they can still be...

"Ed Wood" Games - 22 votes for 10 games; created March 8, 2009
A poll by murphy_slaw
I'm looking exquisitely bad games. Games with warped aesthetics and worldviews far removed from consensus reality. Games that are, in the...

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