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Games with cities - 5 items   June 16, 2021
Because I like cities and they mean a lot to me.

Replay and relax - 6 items   May 21, 2020
Games that are always a pleasure to play again, not to solve puzzles but to enjoy the good memories.

Unusual input schemes - 5 items   November 4, 2016
Nowadays most IF is either parser-based or else choice-based. But a few games occupy a space between the lines, so to speak. These are...

Puzzle-less or puzzle-light - 5 items   December 16, 2012
The relative importance of puzzles in IF is a matter of some contention. But there's no doubt that puzzleless IF *can* be great. Here are...

All-time favorites - 7 items   December 16, 2012
No common thread here... Turns out, I like all kinds of games. Even some puzzlefests.

Linear games - 5 items   December 16, 2012
The common wisdom holds that IF's greatest strength is the freedom it grants to the player (or at least the illusion thereof). Yet some...

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