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Ficção interativa - 18 items   October 28, 2009
IF presented so far at the 13ª Jornada Nacional de Literatura in Passo Fundo, 2009. These works were chosen for a variety of reasons: to...

Active Non-player Characters - 26 items   February 28, 2008
Games which make use of non-player characters that have a great deal of independence, often moving around and acting on their own, or...

Plot-heavy IF - 10 items   February 21, 2008
Interactive fiction with a lot of plot -- many scenes and events moving the player forward, rather than just a collection of puzzles....

Highly polished gameplay - 10 items   October 30, 2007
Games that are exceptionally well-tested and smooth to play. They may not always be the most original works, but the implementation is...

IF Romances - 13 items   October 20, 2007
IF in the romance genre is rare; here are a few I thought worked well.

Comedy that works - 15 items   October 19, 2007
Light-hearted, well-paced interactive humor.

Word-play games - 12 items   October 17, 2007
Games where the text of the game is part of the puzzle.

Replay puzzles - 7 items   October 17, 2007
Games which are entirely devoted to a single big puzzle, usually one that the player has to replay a number of times to get exactly...

Richly simulated worlds - 9 items   October 17, 2007
IF in which the setting is especially deeply simulated, especially works that implement traditionally difficult systems (fire, liquid,...

IF to learn with - 6 items   October 17, 2007
A few IF games are designed to be educational (and not only for children). This is a brief overview of the ones I've found most...

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