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Simulation games - 17 items   September 6, 2017
A list by SpesKnight
Games that simulate something, not just IF stories but kind of management games made with IF engines

Historical Setting - 5 items   June 12, 2016
A list by Teaspoon
Some good games with a historical setting. Will be added to as I go along.

TV, Film, Music and Theatre related games - 20 items   May 14, 2016
A list by MathBrush
This is a collection of games that are related to the film, tv, music or theatre industries, without regard to quality.

personal favorites from 2015 - 9 items   January 7, 2016
A list by Anya Johanna DeNiro
These are probably idiosyncratic, and I haven't hit nearly everything I probably ought to have. While I play catch up I'll hope to add to...

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