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New walkthroughs for October 2022 - 10 items   November 1, 2022
A list by David Welbourn
On Sunday, October 30, 2022, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! Some of these were paid for by my...

Favorite "atmosphere" games - 44 items   July 4, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games that are fun because of the atmosphere and plot more than the puzzles. These games are not too hard and not too easy....

Best fairytale/nursery rhyme games - 24 items   December 24, 2015
A list by MathBrush
A selection of fairy tale games, nursery rhyme games, or games involving the Fair Folk.

My Favorites - 8 items   December 31, 2009
A list by Grey
My absolute favorite IFs, ordered by preference (roughly)

My Favorite Games - 2 items   April 30, 2008
A list by Lady Sarah

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