My new walkthroughs for November 2019

Recommendations by David Welbourn (Waterloo, Ontario)

On Friday November 29, 2019, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of interactive fiction at

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1. Halothane, by Ravi Rajkumar (1999)
Average member rating: (10 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this rambling game, you begin as Harold Banks, a failed sci-fi author. Your second novel is so bad, you throw its manuscript away. However, your words and ideas have shaped another dimension into existence! Mysterious characters will pull you into your not-so-fictional world, guiding you to fix the chaos you've unwittingly released. Assuming, of course, that this isn't just a grandiose delusion caused by an anaesthetic called Halothane.

2. The Apprentice
by Saevar Benjaminsson
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

It is 1660. You play as an adventurer ordered by important people to find the Holy Grail. Good luck!

3. Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.
by Muffy Berlyn and Michael Berlyn
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

In this large game, you're a physics student. Since you're the only one who showed up to Dumont's class, he takes you to his lab to show you his P.A.R.T.I. — Particle Accelerator and Reality Translation Integrator. That is, he's connected an AI to a cyclotron so a "subonaut" can now explore the subatomic world metaphorically in virtual reality to search for Particle X. Long story short, you accidentally become the first subonaut while Dumont looks for a screwdriver.

4. Where There's a Will
by Dan Shiovitz

David Welbourn says:

In this game loosely based on Sierra's Mystery House, you play as Norman, a potential heir to your late Uncle Oscar's estate. You have one day to find a diamond necklace hidden in his "Mystery House" to qualify. However, all seven of Uncle Oscar's other nephews, nieces, and cousins are all practically tripping over each other to help you search for it even though it's not their turn! So helpful!

5. The Cabal, by Stephen Bond (2004)
Average member rating: (24 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this satire, you play as a young American man who loves old puzzle-based IF. You are also racist, sexist, and prone to believe in conspiracies. While playing Infidel, you learn that a secret society called the Cabal is behind the trend to make IF more story-based and a lot less fun. Learn who's in the Cabal and stop their evil schemes!

6. The Silence of the Gods , by Adele Riquefort (2011)
Average member rating: (1 rating)
David Welbourn says:

In this story you play as Francesco (Cesco) Mancini. But because you opened the wrong door, you're now chained to a chair. Rudolph Mancini and these three scugnizzi are about to torture you and then kill you.

7. Gone Out For Gruyere, by B F Lindsay (2019)
Average member rating: (10 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this surreal game, your girlfriend Natalie has asked you to buy some gruyère, but you're barely out the door when a vortex scoops you up and into a room with shadowy exits in every direction. And before you can escape through the brightly-lit hole in the floor, it's promptly plugged by a massive wheel of gruyère cheese who begins to insult you at every turn! How will you get out of this one?

8. Low
by Peregrine Wade
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

You play as someone driving a car on a lonely highway, late at night under a full moon. You're so tired. Your arm tingles and there's blood on your sleeve from ... you don't want to think about it. Then you look in the rear-view mirror. They're following you.

9. The Empty Chamber: A Celia Swift Mystery
by Tom Sykes
Average member rating: (12 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

In this one-room mystery, you play as Miss Celia Swift. Since you are regarded as some sort of genius at solving mysteries, you have been invited by Inspector Land to the boarding room of the late Frederick Hackett who was shot behind his locked door three days ago. Can you figure out who shot him and how?

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