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I have a soft spot for "literary" IF. Good writing can draw me into a story that doesn't really have much game to it, and amateur writing can wreck an otherwise good game. That's not to say I like puzzle-less IF or text dumps. I enjoy challenging interaction --it's why I'm a gamer and not just a reader--but it's especially delicious when an IF author is also a good writer. These picks stay in my memory because of writing that was (apparently) effortless and evocative and original and fresh.

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samuraix, August 25, 2010 - Reply
You are so right man. A good story is very important in an IF. Since it doesn't have graphics it's the prose that keeps a gamer hooked to it. On the other hand it shouldn't be totally devoid of puzzles. Otherwise you are better off reading books. I do like choose your own adventure type games even though the ones I played didn't have much puzzle aspect to them. This is one cool list.
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