High Fantasy Game Recs

Recommendations by Heli N.

While I continue to play and review games here, I'll continue to update the list with more and more games that belong to this genre.

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1. Magium
by Chris Michael Wilson
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Heli N. says:

Leans towards the stat-heavy IF games more than choice-based ones. There are no costumization options and the protagonist is male!locked. Read my review for more information on the plot.

2. A Mage Reborn
by Adam Alamsyah
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Heli N. says:

One of the better games that can be found on HG platform with a mage protagonist, rich worldbuilding and it's own magic system.

3. Leas: City of the Sun
by SailingShells

Heli N. says:

The protagonist is a human mage agent, working with his fae partner Keo, in Den Zarel, to solve the mystery of a magic never seen before. Humans are living in cities and fae or other creatures are not welcomed in them (officially). With a rich lore and a unique take on magic altogether (very different from the Magium).

4. The Night Market, by Zinnia Demitasse (2022)
Average member rating: (3 ratings)
Heli N. says:

Just read the review.

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