The Djinni Chronicles

by J. D. Berry


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- Shigosei, July 7, 2009

- four1475 (Manhattan, KS), April 10, 2009

- helga (Australia), September 27, 2008

- jwbjerk (Mid-West USA), July 22, 2008

- Eric Mayer, May 18, 2008

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What just happened?, January 1, 2008

The writing is good, but unfortunately the writing is often confusing. It is hard to see what to do (especially in the 3rd part) and it's hard to realize that you're playing as (Spoiler - click to show)three different genies rather than just one.

Baf's Guide

You're a djinn, or rather a series of them, trying both to serve your various masters' commands and to achieve your own purposes. Well implemented and richly imagined--the game devises a djinni cosmology that's extremely involved and makes sense of your motivations and the limitations on your movement. You need to tune into a sort of djinni ethics to figure out why things work as they do. Not very long, with just a few puzzles, but the thoroughness of the worldbuilding makes up for the brevity.

-- Duncan Stevens

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