A Simple Theft

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Episode 1 of A Simple Theft

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Simple. And a theft., April 4, 2011
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)

In my rating system, a two star rating can either mean that there is something wrong with a game, or that it is competent but without ambition. A Simple Theft falls squarely within the second category: it is a fine little diversion of the common IF-with-puzzles kind. There is nothing wrong with it, but there is also nothing to make the heart beat faster.

You get to play the apprentice of a wizard who is attempting to restore magic to the world, and who tasks you with the retrieval of a MacGuffin from a castle. The game consists of you puzzling your way through this theft. The world is small and implementation is rather sparse, though not uncommonly so for a game written in 2000. The puzzles are run-of-the-mill, involving locked doors and guards, but the implementation is solid and the inquisitive player will be rewarded with funny responses. The entire game can be played in perhaps fifteen minutes.

Baf's Guide

Tiny fantasy game, written as a prequel to a longer game. You're apprenticed to a master who directs you to steal a jewel from a castle and report back to him. Interesting take on a fantasy world--magic is no longer under control, and your master is hoping that the jewel will give him magical powers--but too short to do much with the premise. Still, the full-length game might be intriguing.

-- Duncan Stevens

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