The Icarian Cup

by Harry Tuffs and Failbetter Games

Episode 68 of Fallen London Exceptional Stories

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A long and action-centered race story with great references, December 6, 2020
by MathBrush
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This is one of my favorite recent exceptional stories.

There are rumours of a special race going around Fallen London, where only the best captains are invited. Surprisingly, you aren't invited, but you know who is, and you discover a bizarre plot.

This story excelled at two things. First, it really uses your traits. I had a Zubmarine, a Hell's Hymn, successful terms as governor, and a monster hunter's harpoon, two things that take quite a lot of work to get, and the game incorporated both beautifully into the story. Many other things I did not have were also incorporated into the story.

Second, it is strongly connected to Sunless Sea. The race course passes by all of the major near-London locations from that game, so seeing the Sphynxes and the Iron Republic was nice.

The story was very lengthy, had memorable characters, and had some of those GO NORTH-like options (i.e. really bad ideas) Fallen London is known for.

Might be worth becoming an exceptional friend this month, as I think it's cheaper than just buying the story.

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