Beat the Devil

by Robert M. Camisa


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Destroy the 7 deadly sins in a shopping mall, February 3, 2016

In this game, you are dared by the devil to get out of a mall with the seven deadly sins in it so you can go on a date with a beautiful young woman.

First, the annoying things. This game claims it is too easy to need a walkthrough; like most games with such a claim, it doesn't implement very many alternate solutions to puzzles (in faft, I think there is only one solution for each puzzle), as well as neglecting many synonyms. The goal of the game is to make a passive, desirable girl sleep with you as a reward. Finally, it has some unnecessarily gross parts, such as with Lust.

Beyond that, the setting has some creative touches, a gently vague in-game help system, and some creative depictions of the seven deadly sins.

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Puzzles in Satan's mall, July 28, 2008

In this light and slightly sloppy puzzler (and possible first effort) you have to dispose of the seven mortal sins in Satan's new mall in order to get the girl. The puzzles are not bad, mostly running along the standard lines of taking everything which isn't bolted down and strategically relocating it. The tone is humorous, though a fair amount is both juvenile and unsuitable for children (Pride has a small penis, Lust has a misfire in his pants, etc.) I did not find it particularly worthwhile, but this might be interesting to devoted puzzle fans who can forgive a number of flaws in implementation.

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