by Erik J. Oredson

Fantasy, RPG

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I wrote DnDBBS and still have the original source.

It works well with few system requirements in XP.

It does require ANSI.SYS and SHARE.EXE to be loaded in either:


If you cannot start ansi.sys then try dvansi.com

It also requires a FOSSIL driver such as:

X00 or BNU..

The DnDBBS will work in DOSbox, DOSbox-X, Vdos, and VdosPlus.

(to run share start VER SET 7.0)

If share won't start then try fakeshar.com or noshare.com

Dndbbs v5.0a r2.0a can also be found at:


Dnd50a2e.zip - executables
Dnd50a2s.zip - source
Dnd50a2u.zip - update
Dnd50a2p.zip - patch kit
Dnd50a3t.zip - tweak kit

(and should be downloaded and installed in the above order);

Executables, source, update and patch kit can be found on Vetusware.

Most recent Dnd50a3t.zip is at:
Archived Dndbbs is at: https//bit.ly/EriksDNDBBS

My shared files can also be found at:


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KevinBlue, April 4, 2021 - Reply
Does the download order really matter?
eoredson, June 29, 2021 (updated June 30, 2021) - Reply
Yes, the executables should be downloaded and installed first.
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