Back In Time

by Stella MacDonald


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- Miron (Berlin, Germany), July 24, 2021

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An educational dinosaur game for kids with graphics, July 21, 2020
by MathBrush
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I played this game on this Apple II emulator:

It's a parser game with one or more custom images per location. The parser isn't super responsive by modern standards but is reasonably understandable.

Beyond normal puzzles (like capturing a lizard or shooting an allosaurus with an improvised slingshot), each time you meet a dinosaur you have to type in its name. If you get it wrong, it zooms in and gives you a hint. Getting it wrong again makes it tell you to look at the Dinosaur Handbook which, unfortunately, does not seem to be archived along with this game. I got stuck on a horny-beaked dinosaur I could not identify.

The game was interesting but didn't move me emotionally, and I wasn't invested in completing it.

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