by Shay Caron

Space Exploration

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- Zape, September 2, 2019

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A bug-ridden but fun 3rd person supervillain game, July 16, 2017
by MathBrush
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You are a third-person observer in a ship as Captain Chaos, a relatively benign supervillain, is crashing to the earth.

The writing is good, and funny, but the game is super buggy, with events firing at the wrong time, repeating actions sending your score up over and over, and a whole slew of bad interfaced design problems and missing synonyms.

It's a shame, because the writing is so fun.

- Tomf (NSW, Australia), May 12, 2008

>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

Orchestrated strategically and used creatively, these techniques could make for a masterful, groundbreaking work of IF. Chaos isn't that work, but its experimentation does open up some very interesting, and mostly unexplored, territory. Beside this, the plot of the game seems quite inconsequential. There's a ship to be repaired, and various puzzles to solve, some required and some optional. These puzzles are decent, and the writing is passable, and although there are a number of coding problems, the game is at least finishable. It's a bit of a throwaway, though, a mediocre competition entry except for the unique approach it takes, almost offhandedly, to forms of address in IF. I enjoyed thinking about Chaos more than I enjoyed playing it, but if the author's next game explores the techniques employed here in a consistent, systematic, and clear way, the result will be well worth a few false starts.

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Baf's Guide

Seemingly meant to be an introduction to a longer game--Captain Chaos, villain, is on his way to conquer and enslave a planet--but memorable chiefly for its grammatical weirdness: the game flips back and forth between second and third person, and tries to maintain a distinction between "you" and the person (Captain Chaos) you're controlling. It's thoroughly confusing (partly because it's not as consistent as it might be), and it overshadows what's otherwise a reasonably solid, if not all that exciting, little game--the puzzles are fairly ho-hum. Worth a look if narrative-voice experiments excite you.

-- Duncan Stevens

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