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Episode 2 of Click Your Poison

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From the Author

As the author, I'm admittedly biased. Of course I think my book deserves 5-stars! But here's why you should too....
MURDERED is the ultimate "fair play" mystery novel.

YOU must solve the case, or the killer(s) get away. Follow clues. Interrogate suspects. 3 unique storylines, 50+ possible endings, just one question...can you solve a murder?

As the author of the Click Your Poison series, I hope you love reading MURDERED as much as I enjoyed writing it. This book really put me to the test. I meticulously researched Brazil, combining that knowledge with my own travels to make you feel like you're truly there. I interviewed real-life US Diplomatic Security agents to bring my characters to life. But the real test, lies with you, the reader. Make your own decisions. Be an amateur detective. Get MURDERED!

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