Project Hyrax: Beyond Time

by MidnightOwl Studios


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A real-time messaging game with an involved story and some rough patches, September 8, 2018
by MathBrush
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I purchased Project Hyrax a month or two ago.

The design and formatting are well done. It's a text-based game where you receive messages from a time traveller.

The writing seems like it is not from a native speaker, with numerous typos and grammatical errors. Also, many of the choices are clearly irrelevant to what happens after, adding nothing to the gameplay, and only two choices are available at a time.

However, the timed messages and the length of the game drew it out to over a month as I tried to finish it to write a review. It eventually grew on me, and I found myself having a good time.

I would have given it 4 stars for that reason, but it froze on me after many, many choices, and I couldn't get it unfrozen.

- MidnightOwl Studios, May 28, 2018

Project Hyrax- Game Review

If you enjoy “real-time” texting survival games, do yourself a favor and check out Project Hyrax on the Google Play Store. It is also available on the Apple Store for you IOS guys and gals! It’s available for free, with ads, with the option to disable them for 99 cents, a very small price to pay for a dangerous, yet fun and exciting romp through space and time! Will Robin find their dad, and be able to return back to the present time? Will they be stuck in an unforgiving land, only to be slowly killed off by you, the sole link to present time? You’ll have to find out for yourself by downloading Project Hyrax today…seriously.. do it for Robin!

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