Ein unerwarteter Tod

by Alexander Klimon


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An Intriguing Interactive Short Story, April 16, 2018

Ein Unerwarteter Tod uses a classic adventure premise - the protagonist is a pirate who has been marooned by his comrades and must somehow find a way to survive. Instead of trying to escape from the small island or finding food, this Twine IF allows the player to do a small amount of soul searching instead. The protagonist is wondering whether his life as a pirate was a good life and whether it is the right choice for him. As the short story progresses, a stranger seems to be on the island, and the final confrontation with that stranger is a welcome surprise. The ending stuck in my mind for some time, and had me wondering about the stranger's message. Definitely food for thought.

The prose is very lyrical and descriptive, and evokes a strong sense of place and character. This is what I often miss in German IF. Most of the time the writing is very short and emotionless, with no effort made to evoke feelings or a detailed sense of place and time. Here I got emersed in the world of the protagonist for a short time.

This is what finally didn't make me give a 5 star rating: the game is much too short. I understand it fits the length of a short story, and I can imagine this was the concept the author had in mind, but still, there is not that much to see and much less to do. But it was exciting to see a German Twine game. Sadly, the German IF scene seems somewhat oldfashioned and sticks to parser games and parser authoring tools. So, if you like Twine, and speak German, give it a try!