Campus Row - Part 1

by Dylan Lockhart

Episode 1 of Campus Row

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., September 14, 2016

Campus Row is a detective IF game that I found on the Yarn app. I don't know if it has ever been published before on the internet or if it was specially made for Yarn. The only way you can play this game is on iOS I believe, so I guess those of you who don't have iOS devices will miss out on this.

And that would be quite unfortunate. This was the detective game I've been looking for. So basically what happens is the daughter of a prestigious family is missing and you're the police captain, Ambrose, who gives commands to Detective Moore to solve the case. You feel like you're talking to Moore. Choices are given to perform certain actions for Moore to discover and observe the crime scene. You will also have to decide how to handle it, do you rummage through the stuff or wait for back up. You hear a bang, do you find the source and probably face danger or do you call backup? (This is the best way I can explain it eeep, I played this a long time ago.) And just like any other detective game, you will also ask the suspect questions. There will also be periods in the game where you have to wait for Moore to perform these actions, making the interactivity of this game in real time modes. There's even a point where you have to wait a whole day. So turn on your notifications and volume so you will know when Moore is done with chores.

The CSS of the game is literally the white paper background color of a book page. There's nothing fancy and all you need is your imagination. It's easy on the eyes.

Pros: An interesting mystery thriller with realistic interactivity.
Cons: it was too short, expected since it's a series, and some people might not like waiting.

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- reppic, June 26, 2016

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