Upon the Spooky House

by Ben Poisonor


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- Zape, September 4, 2020

Ryan Veeder's Judgment (for event 1)
5.7 points out of 10

At first glance, this Entry does not seem to have been composed with a view toward creating beautiful source code text. I know that Ben Poisonor found the Event structure somewhat confusing. We must bear in mind the possibility that Ben was not following the prompt. ...

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Ryan Veeder's Judgment (for event 3)
19.7 points out of 30

Ben Poisoner (sic) originally submitted "Upon the Spooky House" to Event One of the Exposition, evidently having written it over the course of the single weekend allotted to Event One. Guessing that Ben had misunderstood the rules, I offered him the chance to submit a revised edition of "Upon the Spooky House" to Event Three of the Exposition, which I promised to judge "just like any other Entry in that Event."

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