A Matter of Time

by Michael Zerbo and Vivian McAlexander

Time Travel

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A Quick Jaunt Through Time, April 8, 2016
by PDearmore (Central New York)
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Looks like somebody got a ray tracing program and was looking for a way to get some use out of it. Graphics involve the typical mirrored spheres and other geometrical shapes, along with some others--perhaps digitized photos. Not all of them are this cheesy, there is some well done stuff in here. Actually, though, the graphics get a little annoying past a certain point and hinder the game by breaking it up with lengthy load-time waits.

It looks like the plot is you are going back in time to rescue a murder suspect that is searching for the existence of God. You follow him back in time and end up encountering... Not much really. A forest, a cave, a waterfall, a dinosaur. After a few times of being eaten, and having to go through the intro with all of the slow-loading graphics, I called this one. Being that it is an "introductory adventure" meant to entice you to purchase the full version, I have a feeling I'm not missing too much. Still, it's not totally unworthy of a quick play-through.

As a minor point of interest, this may be the first game in the post-Infocom era to not have a response to 'xyzzy'.

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