Sanity Clause

by Mike McCauley


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- Egas, August 31, 2019


You are Santa Claus and you must deliver all the presents before midnight in each time zone. This can be done in five trips. When you have to go to the same place, you will find a different puzzle.

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This game has obviously been written to provide a challenge to the experienced adventurer and would be very unsuitable for a beginner. Unfortunately, unlike many other challenging adventures, it doesn't have the 'grab' factor that is essential for someone to want to carry on and solve the puzzles. To start with, there is a pig of a maze which, once figured out, is easily passed, but taking a wrong direction at many places in the first set of locations will dump you back there to find your way out again.

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Baf's Guide

You're Santa Claus, and you have the impossible task of delivering toys all over the world in one night. You accomplish this by means of "Christmas magic", which only operates for an hour around midnight on Christmas eve. A clever idea, but not well-executed - death is unreasonably frequent, and progress is frequently blocked by obscure puzzles and "guess-the-verb" situations.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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