Cows Vs. Aliens

by BerkaZerka


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Awesome, January 1, 2021
by Ogre (A Cave)

This game is just first-class awesomeness. Sure, the author could have written all the tons of scripting and manipulation to make a poker-playing card game and that would have been enough. But instead, this author went way beyond that and included hilarious pictures on the cards and even a story about aliens who somehow know how to play poker in the first place!

I loved the way that it kept going for a long time, forcing you try and beat more and more aliens as the game progressed. Iím not sure how I was able to beat so many so easily, and I wonder if the game might be slightly tipped in my favor (or if the AI behind the aliens is as dumb as the aliens or even non-existent). But it was still absolutely tons of fun. I donít know why this isnít rated eight by everyone who plays it Ė Iím guessing those are alienphobes or something.

This is a really great example of some of the extremes that are possible with this site and the scripting languages and variables that are available to authors. Yes, you can write some great stories here, but if you learn more about how these things works, you, too, can create masterful games like this. Thanks so much for taking all the time it took to write this thing and for sharing it with the site!

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MathBrush, December 31, 2020 - Reply
Thanks, reviews like this that describe the game and mention what worked and didn't work are really helpful. You make the game sound fun!
Ogre, January 1, 2021 - Reply
Thank you, I'm working on it! Also, the very short review I left on the one story was quite intentional: it was kind of an inside joke in that there were six or seven reviewers in a row that all entered that exact same comment!
MathBrush, January 1, 2021 - Reply
That makes sense. I see you've written a ton of CYS games, too. Do you have any you recommend for someone to try out?
Ogre, January 5, 2021 - Reply
Of course, it depends on what you're looking for. There are certainly a number of ways to write the stories, and obviously, any number of genres!
MathBrush, January 5, 2021 - Reply
Maybe I'll just poke around, then!
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