The Pickpocket

by Alex Weldon


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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

Certainly any real person that tried to hunt down a pickpocket just by wandering into the slums, hours after the robbery, would deserve to have her sanity questioned. But even if we grant this premise, the game still demonstrates a puzzling lack of moral consistency. For example, the game's response to OPEN CASH REGISTER is "You're trying to catch a thief, not embark on a life of crime." Yet to recover this money, you'll end up committing theft, assault, menacing, breaking & entering, and vandalism. If that's not a life of crime, I'm not sure what is. Overall, Pickpocket is an enjoyable game with one dynamite ace up its sleeve, but that sleeve is still a bit ragged from logical inconsistency and technical errors.

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A short arabic-themed puzzle game about catching a thief, July 16, 2017
by MathBrush
Related reviews: about 2 hours

This is a sort of cross between Zork and arabian nights. You have on the one hand sultan's guards with scimitars and bazaars, and on the other hand you have soda vending machines and currency based on King Mycroft.

I found a few game-killing bugs in Gargoyle (when asking the merchant about a few things), but it might just be my interpreter.

I liked the puzzles, though they were hard to guess at times. A lot of people liked the original way of getting past the dog.

Baf's Guide

Well-written game, mostly technically competent, but marred by some unfortunate design choices. Your wallet's been stolen by a young urchin and you're trying to get it back. Unfortunately, the game requires that you go to some rather extreme lengths to accomplish that end, and that, combined with the lack of hints or walkthrough, makes the game more difficult than probably was intended.

-- Duncan Stevens

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