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- Edo, March 13, 2022

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Needs alot of work., January 9, 2015
by Chai Hai (Kansas City KS)

I tried going to the online version, at the appropriate site. Only to be greeted by a giant black square. Uh....?

Read a few comments, and you have to press space to play the game. It wasn't intuitively obvious. I honestly thought the game failed to load. Don't make your game have such an ambiguous start.

Second, this game needs to be re-written. Your plot is good, I understand what you are trying to convey, but the constant grammatical errors detracted from the overall gaming experience. I suggest you find someone who is a native English speaker and have them write each part in proper English. That would help tremendously.

Overall this is a very short escape game. It would've been better if more interactive parts were available. (Spoiler - click to show) You don't even give us a chance to interact with the wolf, which saddens me.

The fact that it was inspired by a real life pilot was cool, but this game needs a lot of revising to be enjoyable.

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Flawed game that could have been more, January 8, 2015
by Harry Coburn (Atlanta, GA)

This game has a writing style that's more like a visual novel than parser-based IF. Looking beyond the typos, (I wonder if English is the writer's first language?) the text is presented in long portions of little snippets with little player interaction.

Most of the choices the player can do don't amount to much, and the walkthrough says as such. The game part is basically one small timed puzzle.

This could have been so much more. I wanted to be the German solider caught behind British lines, rather than just read about him. I wanted to talk more with the NPCs. A few conversations would have sparked this up much more, especially before you get to the section with the puzzle.

I suggest that this author try Photopia to see how linear IF with few puzzles can be done well.

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- Juhana, March 9, 2010

- torgrim (Norway), February 27, 2010

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