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Entertaining meditation on the link between classical music and eroticism, April 18, 2018

A blind musician only hears and feels what is going on during the orchestra reharsal, but this is enough to realize the erotic conundrum present in the whole ensemble. A conductor who tries to get the orchestra in the right mood by using unconventional methods leads to an explosion of that energy.

Wow! I was pleasently suprised to see another German author use Twine, and the game's visual presentation is highly professional, as is the writing, which is en par with high level of writing present in English language IF. The ending with a surprising twist made me remember the game the whole day.

Sadly, the author got absolutely no reactions to this game inside the German IF scene. What's wrong with those guys? This game shows that German IF can reach the same level of professional presentation and content as IF in English, which sadly cannot be said of the content of the last German IF competition in 2016 imho.

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verityvirtue, April 19, 2018 - Reply
Hey, just to let you know that there is already an entry for Orchesterprobe: https://ifdb.org/viewgame?id=ylufdzr2fl181i01
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