Underground Compound

by Anonymous


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- Edo, March 26, 2021

- Zape, November 27, 2020

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Plain horrible (RR #2), September 15, 2012

(RR stands for random review. (as in the game for reviewing was chosen randomly))

This survival horror (?) speed-IF game is an interactive fiction game in the way movies mocked on MST3K are movies. Chaos and non-sequiturs permeate this attempt at writing. Palindrome-creating monkeys, David Letterman and sphincter-like floors are just some of the madness that awaits you in this game. (but really there isn't much more, don't expect to be able to examine anything, or heavens forbid even pick anything up!)

The game ends only in defeat and explosive death, a fate that in my humble opinion also should foreshadow the author's own.

I like the fact that you can always go up, but never down. Feels like a certain M.C. Escher painting.

some of my favourite quotes from "Underground compound":

-) Six minutes later, everything everywhere blows up. (lol)

-) They play billiards here. (and no, we never learn who "they" are, this is literally the beginning of a room description!)

-) Little Billy just vomited ketchup all over the place. (bleh)

Interactive fiction really doesn't get any worse than "Underground compound".


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