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by Hanon Ondricek profile

Dystopian Erotic Murder Mystery Dating Sim

Web Site

About the Story

When suspects and witnesses are “property, not people,” how should those who seek the truth proceed? Date robots. Avert scandal. Bring protection.

Content warning: Adult Situations, Language, and Humor, Sexual Descriptions, Mild Violence (no explicit sexual or violent images), recreational drug and alcohol use.

A less sexually-explicit prose mode may be chosen in-game.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: October 1, 2019
Current Version: 1.3
Development System: AXMA 6
IFID: Unknown
TUID: svbgfuexixvh4pnk

Off-Site Reviews

Felicity Drake of the highlights of IFComp 2019.
robotsexpartymurder is weird, explicit, complex, difficult, ambitious, overambitious, silly, disturbing, and profound, all at once. Like Cannery Vale, it is a strange game that is 150% committed to being itself, and deserving of a reputation as a new classic of interactive fiction.
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Verb Your Enthusiasm (audio)
"We played this game like demons..."
"I think we both probably recommend it?" "I would recommend it absolutely." "I spent ages with Ivan. Ivan's my boyfriend!" "I would like to spend more time in this world, I think." "I was sufficiently convinced by the sort of whimsical horror of it..." "Ivan is the absolute NPC of the year for me at this point." "So what the robots represent, I guess, is kind of like the cynical, capitalist exploitation of sexuality..." "Oh, I definitely resent what they represent. Clearly products of a steeply sick society...but just on a superficial level, I quite liked interacting with them..."
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Last Pylon
Ballad of Vaughn Kaminsky
I proceeded to spend much of the time instead dicking around and hanging with my friend(?) at his place, ripping his bong and playing pseudo-Mortal Kombat (and fucking losing. I spent a lot of time trying to see if I could beat him. Is it even possible to win??). And those scenes were amusing, but maybe not conducive to getting a good ending.

(Okay, no, wait, that’s hilarious, I’m realizing that I in-game squandered my time as an investigator by getting high and playing Mortal Kombat like every day.)
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...gripping enough to hold my attention, and then some.
[A] successful pastiche of a surprising variety of genres: a visual novel-esque dating sim, a dystopian prison/workplace simulator, and a dialogue-based murder mystery. It ties these experiences together into a hilarious package with tightly written prose, a fast pace, and nary a dull moment.
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