The game file can currently be downloaded at https://web.​archive.​org/​web/​20121110215035/​http://barrymars.​co.​uk/​spaceship and played on a glulx compatible interpreter , or be played on our online web interpreter.
Story file
Requires a Glulx interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links.
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Contains the game file, the solution, the map, the source code, and two alternate cover artworks.
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by The Guardian's Gamesblog Community

Science Fiction

Web Site

About the Story

Spaceship! is a collaborative project of the Guardian's Gamesblog community. The aim was simply to create the greatest group-generated text adventure in the world ever.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: December 12, 2008
Current Version: 2
License: GPL
Development System: Inform 7
Forgiveness Rating: Polite
IFID: D7DF4283-3277-45B8-BF22-53E31291E1D4
TUID: 3d3z2tvvqmnjup1

Off-Site Reviews

Blasting Requires Dynamite
Spaceship! Review
The premise is pretty straightforward: you (the Captain) are stuck on your (broken) spaceship and must jump through several (puzzle-adorned) hoops to get it working again. The tone of the writing is wry, often hilarious (try examining the Captainís toilet), and is one of the gameís main strengths. Itís almost entirely maintained throughout, despite the multiple authors, which impressed me. There were only a couple of times that I noticed a change in writing style, and these were minimal.
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SPAG -- Issue 56
Spaceship! Review by Jimmy Maher
I wasn't really expecting much from Spaceship!, as its development was filled with things I've come to regard as warning signs. First of all, it's a collaborative effort, a patchwork of bits and pieces contributed by many writers and coders. I'm not entirely sold on this Web 2.0 model of content creation, at least in the context of a story or game, and previous works of IF built under this model have generally only bolstered my skepticism. The remarkable Alabaster aside, most have read and played like incoherent, Mad Libs-style rambles more fun for their authors than their players. (Yes, IF Whispers games, I'm thinking of you!) Secondly, the people behind Spaceship! are not regular IF community contributers at all, but rather a group from The Guardian newspaper's online community who decided it might be fun to make a text adventure. Such endeavors, well-intentioned as they may be, generally fall afoul of every beginning IF designer's mistake in the book while always, inevitably, wallowing in nostalgia for Scott Adams or Infocom rather than engaging with the last twenty years' work in IF. I'm immensely pleased, however, to be able to say that Spaceship! defies every one of my stereotypes and expectations. This is a solid, substantial, well-put together game, one that's far better than it ought to be.
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