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Custom Styles

You can customize the way IFDB looks by choosing a different style. You can pick from a variety of style sheets created by other members in the Style Sheet Gallery.

You can even create your own completely custom look from scratch. If you're familiar with the standard CSS style sheet language, you can take control of almost all of the visual appearance of the site.

Your Current Style

You're not currently logged in, so you're using the default IFDB style. You can select a custom style after you log in.

Your Style Creations

You can create your own custom look using CSS, which is the Web standard for controlling the way HTML pages are formatted. If you're not familiar with CSS, you can find lots of documentation on the Web - here are a couple of good places to start:

You can store up to 10 style sheets of your own on IFDB. When you create a style sheet, it will automatically be made available to other users in the gallery.

Graphics: CSS lets you incorporate custom graphics, which means your style sheets can override many of the default IFDB graphics. IFDB provides limited image-file hosting for this purpose - manage your style-sheet graphics here.

(To view or create your own stylesheets, you need to Log in first.)