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"Make My Day"
a serious literary comedy on the web

Presented as an interactive video game, equipping the "Player" with invasive mind control over the main character. This control is maintained via a FBI COINTELPRO brain implant from the 1960's, courtesy of J. Edgar Hoover.

Two key metaphors center on "mind control" [i.e., our indoctrinating education system and pervasive propaganda presented in the form of consumer advertisements] and the rampant perceptions of conspiracy today.

The "Game" takes place on a recurring MonDay, June 21 1999. Text, graphics, audios, original music and videos focus on an aging American baby boomer "Thinker," enmeshed in the societal issues of his Y2K Day. Boomer Thinker and the Players remain anonymous to avoid FBI reprisals.

The Game includes 17 Days in 2,026 screens for the Player to make for Thinker. Each Day is stand-alone and self-contained. Players can randomly select which Days they want to make. There is no ending, or rather, there are many End-of-Days.

The Player moves through the Days as fast as the speed of Thinker's thoughts. Life streams on, and like Thinker we remember only selectively, in conjunction with our own perceptions of reality.

The Game will include 23 more Days [about 2500 screens], themed and authored by the Players and me. As Ronnie Hawkins, Chuck Berry, and Freddie Fingers sang, "I'm gonna give you 40 days to get back home."

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Rick Anderson

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