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I've been a long time player of interactive fiction. More recently I have created an inform interpreter for the TRS-80 model 4, and have created a game as part of PunyJam #2 using the PunyInform libraries.

Interactive Fiction by sijnstra

Face Your Fears, by Shawn Sijnstra (2021)
(7 ratings)

Face Your Fears was developed as part of the PunyJam #2 PunyInform Interactive Fiction competition. It's a small interactive fiction, built around the Jam theme relating to the main character...

Redux, by Shawn Sijnstra (2023)
(3 ratings)
A text adventure exploration into rebuilding yourself. The game is an exploration into the mind of the protagonist, and has a highly unusual gameplay.

Blorp!, by Shawn Sijnstra (2023)
(2 ratings)
This is a short adventure set in an underwater brewery. You left your rather expensive experiments in the hands of your friend Dave, but you know something isn't right. The game has been updated to...

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