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Hi. I just got started with ZIL last June 2020

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Interactive Fiction by daelsepara

Secret of the Knights, by Jim Gasperini, SD Separa (2020)
(2 ratings)
IT IS THE YEAR 1340. You have traveled back to the age of knights. A squire has just accused you of being a sorcerer. You must prove yourself in a duel with quarterstaves, but you've never used...

Heart of Ice, by Dave Morris, SD Separa (2020)
(1 rating)
Legend says that the one who possesses the Heart of Volent shall wield ultimate power. Created in the searing fires of the Big Bang, this fabulous gemstone focuses the cosmic forces which shape the...

Necklace of Skulls, by Dave Morris, SD Separa (2020)
Learning of the disappearance of your twin brother in the trackless desert, you resolve to set out and discover his fate. Leaving the hub of your elaborate Mayan civilization far behind, your quest...

Green Blood, by Mark Smith, Dave Morris, SD Separa (2020)
The evil Westermen are destroying the once beautiful and idyllic Forest of Arden. The trees are being torn down and used to fuel the raging smelters that are making deadly weapons and engines of...

Down Among the Dead Men, by Dave Morris, SD Separa (2020)
Adrift at sea in an open boat, you make your desperate bid to escape from the evil pirate Skarvench. The odds are stacked against you, for, even if you do not die of thirst, there are still...

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This is a list of games I would recommend based on their uniqueness and quality of the design and content.

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