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I run Penguicon, an annual convention in Troy, Michigan. We celebrate science fiction and free/open source software as dual centerpieces. Around these, there orbit large activity tracks concerning games, webcomics, food and drinks, and other interests of different types of obsessive geeks, especially of the DIY or fan-participation variety.

We have almost 300 talks, workshops, panel discussions and other activities around the intersections of entertainment, the future, and software. Rarely has there been as natural a fit with the crossover of literature and computers than Interactive Fiction.

I think Penguicon is an ideal place to grow the readership, or playership, of Interactive Fiction, as well as an opportunity to recruit programmers for client software that will make it even easier to enjoy. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact me at chair at penguicon dot org.

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69,105 Keys, by David Welbourn   March 6, 2009
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Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre   December 14, 2007
"Provided you understand that a book, movie, game, or other work is intentionally brutal, frightening, demoralizing, or has some other..." - See the full review

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short   November 24, 2007
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