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A huge RPG gamer, story driven as well as clever game mechanics.
A massive nerd who spends most of his time playing games and writing DnD campaigns.

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Horizon - Chapter One, by Storysmash   April 18, 2018
"For the first chapter of a game this shows a whole bunch of potential. Definitely a step in the right direction, the music and the images..." - See the full review

Sorcery!, by Steve Jackson and inkle   April 18, 2018
"Man this was a blast to the past. Definitely reckon that this is a new and brilliant way to relive the joys of the old fighting fantasy..." - See the full review

Seedship, by John Ayliff   April 18, 2018
"A fun game, without being overly complicated it generated a fun and interesting turn of events! Always a big fan of the whole choose your..." - See the full review