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I like reading, writing, watching films and playing games. Right now, I'm experimenting with making a few Twine games.

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Interactive Fiction by InkThinks

Dogface Finds a Stick, by InkThinks (2017)
(4 ratings)
This game follows Dogface and the pursuit of a stick. It is an initial attempt at game creation.

Squirrel Evades Dogface, by InkThinks (2018)

In this interactive fiction / game, we switch perspectives from Dogface to that of the Squirrel... Run, squirrel, run!

Dogface Chases Squirrels, by InkThinks (2018)

An interactive fiction in which Dogface returns to chase squirrels!

The Wandering Words, by InkThinks (2020)
We use words all the time. We write them, feel them, hear them, sign them, and speak them. But what happens if they disappear? How can you explain that you’re happy, if the word has wandered off?...

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