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Game art student and indie developer of the interactive fiction variety. I try to bend Twine until it does cool shit. Currently working on Signal Hill, a text-based IF RPG romp through a post apocalyptic city.

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Interactive Fiction by crosshollow

Signal Hill, by Crosshollow (2023)
(3 ratings)
A text-based RPG set in the post-apocalyptic utopia of Signal Hill. You came here with a caravan, set on starting a new life- but when you're ambushed outside the city, shot, your cargo stolen and...

13 Laurel Road, by Crosshollow (2021)
(2 ratings)
13 Laurel Road is an interactive fiction game about the relationships we have with places and reconciling with trauma. You play as a young man named Noah who has been tasked with picking up some...

An Angel Among the Aspens, by Crosshollow (2020)
An Angel Among the Aspens is a contemplative interactive story about identity, personal history, and liminality. Also, trees. It's mostly about trees. You play as Micah, a young man who's found...

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