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How did I get here? Don't get me wrong, I like where I am. But sometimes I wonder how the path I chose led me so far astray.
(Just kidding!)
I don't actually ponder that, but I am surprised of where I am today. Let me introduce myself: I am a coconut and I live in a tree, with all the other bananas. I watch Pretty Little Liars, and Broadchurch, and Downton. Viva Netflix, and good British television. I dislike sports, and really like YouTube. I constantly stub my toes, and walk into corners. I am me, and that simple statement says it all.

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Cheats, by IamAcoconut (2014)
(3 ratings)
Gambling is all about strategy. You know this well. You know when you should bet a little, and when you can play around the rules, to rake in the big money. You play with cheaters, but you don't...

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