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Mainly just here to contribute to the war effort (You either know what I'm talking about or don't). Donít worry, Iím not talking about an actual war so for those who are reviewing my profile, no need to be wary of that.

My hobbies are pretty generic so to speak, consisting of reading, writing, etc. I particularly enjoy reading stories which incorporates some semblance of choice, therefore I decided to make a profile here. Besides that, I donít have anything else to say about myself.

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Interactive Fiction by Mystic_Warrior

Dreamtruder, by Mystic Warrior (2020)
(11 ratings)
"The delicate balance between the dream world and the real world is disrupted. You intruded and messed up the dream of an innocent. By talking about this with an Unknowing, the possibility of the...

Breaker, by Mystic Warrior (2020)
(3 ratings)
Beneath the seas, hidden from the Ones Above, our society goes about our normal, routinely lives. I cannot help but feel bored with all that is going on, until I find the letter. A letter that...

Fall To Hopelessness, by Mystic Warrior (2021)
(2 ratings)
A quest doomed from the start. A man with an unwavering yet unusual moral compass. A daughter in the darkest depths of the night sky. It isn't truly over until all hope is lost. 'Good and evil,...

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