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A hobby writer who accidentally gets paid from time to time (ie. freelancer). I've been blogging for several years (Freebooted, Broken Paramedic) and have a keen life-long interest in science fiction and games, especially when the two intersect.

My one interactive fiction project to date is EVE Online: The Text Adventure (The Broken Capsule), which was part puzzle adventure game, part critical lampooning of the development missteps of CCP Games, creators of the sci-fi MMO EVE Online. I think they saw the funny side.

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Interactive Fiction by Mat Westhorpe

The Broken Capsule, by Mat Westhorpe (2013)
(3 ratings)
Part text adventure, part game review, The Broken Capsule puts its tongue firmly in its cheek as it puts you in the role of an EVE 'capsuleer', a player in the massively multiplayer sci-fi game,...

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