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Interactive Fiction by Christian Bluemke

Klub Karisma, by Christian Bluemke (2008)
(6 ratings)
You are the most dashing dog groomer in town and your girlfriend's just dumped you for a male stripper from the Hamburg Reeperbahn. So stop whining and go get her back, for the night has only just...

Piratenabenteuer (Pirate Adventure), by Scott Adams, Alexis Adams, Christian Bluemke (2004)

This is a German translation and rewrite of the classic Pirate Adventure by Scott and Alexis Adams (by courtesy of Scott Adams).

Deformuseum, by Sophie Fruehling, Ralf Herrmann, Florian Kalenda (aka Florian Edlbauer), Max Kalus, Christof Menear, Martin Oehm, Christoph Winkler, Christian Bluemke (2005)

Deformuseum was a joint venture project. Eight authors contributed to an interactive exhibition of paintings, coded in Inform 6 using the German deform library, written by Martin Oehm (which had...

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