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Nine year-old boy with a C64 and a Zork Users' Group map, retired.

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Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota   January 22, 2013
"With an average rating of 4.5 stars and 113 5-star ratings total, Admiral Jota's "Lost Pig" is uncontroversially well-loved, even in the..." - See the full review

Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling   January 21, 2013
"Looking at the back of the 1984 "grey box" release of Infocom's "Zork I," you, a prospective player, are promised that "during your..." - See the full review

Make It Good, by Jon Ingold   January 21, 2013
"Mr. Ingold's deservedly well-received "Make It Good" is a meticulously-crafted noir tale, with rich detail and difficult puzzles...." - See the full review

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short   January 19, 2013
"There may be few new things to say, twelve years later, about Ms. Short's "Metamorphoses," a well-reviewed short story concerned with..." - See the full review

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode, by Victor Gijsbers   January 19, 2013
"During a random spelunk through the IFDB one might, maybe, be intrigued by a work titled "The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode."..." - See the full review

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Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
The Lurking Horror, by Dave Lebling
Planetfall, by Steve Meretzky
The Witness, by Stu Galley
Spellbreaker, by Dave Lebling

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Bad Machine, by Dan Shiovitz

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