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I'm a dogged individualist in constant pursuit of freedom, I suppose, or, at the very least, of a career as a freelance writer. I graduated in 2008 (a good year, huh?) from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Painting. Usually, I have to follow that up with the assertion that yes, they do give out degrees in that, and it's canvasses, not houses, but you're probably well aware. Since having been spat out into the "real world," I've freelanced as a web and graphic designer, run a studio cooperative, moonlighted as a fortuneteller (I find that interpreting the tarot is no different from literary/artistic analysis, which I've always been fairly good at), sold a few pet portrait commissions, tutored several subjects, and occasionally hustled as a mercenary proofreader/line editor. I wrote a novel this past year, but it's still not quite ready for prime time (I'll revise it when the time comes).

I am also an avid interactive arts enthusiast / ludophile (although I no longer identify as a "gamer"). In fact, I am a little too avid not to attempt to do something productive with it. I am the co-founder and one of the two "staff writers" and podcast personalities at (@heycloudmonster), which is a blog about games / interactive art that I write and maintain alongside Arie Salih.

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Composition in a Minor Key, by Aleks Samoylov (2014)
(4 ratings)
"Composition in a Minor Key" is a surreal interactive story about love, community, loneliness, etc. It boasts roughly 8000 words, and does not contain puzzles, action, or difficult moral choices....

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