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Hello, Justin here! I'm a Korean-American game designer and writer.

Professionally I'm a UX and product designer who specializes in game UX and design to create immersive digital storytelling.

Currently founder and head of the DIA Game Club, where I lead newbies in learning to make games using accessible tools and a flexible game jam format.

* itch.io - Bruhstin

Interactive Fiction by Justin Kim

Öhfwërhld, by Bruhstin (2023)
(3 ratings)
⪽⨀⪾ --- Öhfwërhld is a horror game made in 10 days using ink for ECTOCOMP 2023 (English) and the Bare Bones Jam. Inspired by a dream. Content Warnings: - Reference to gore. - Drowning. - Dead...

Luna Gardens, by Justin Kim (2023)
(4 ratings)
It seems you’ve messed up the dates. You’re supposed to meet him here tomorrow. But that’s alright; you might as well do a quick divination exercise since you made the trip. Why not divine how...

A Walk on the Beach, by Bruhstin (2023)
(2 ratings)
A 495-word game made in 5 days using Ink for the Neo-Twiny Jam.  Explore Tarot cards to understand their message after a rough couple of days.  Credits:  Photo by Daniele Colucci on UnsplashPhoto...

I Too, Drink Alone, by Bruhstin (2023)
(1 rating)
I Too, Drink Alone is an interactive poem made in Ink for the Single Choice Jam.  Note: This game contains music and sfx.  Assets: "Woodclick" by Samulis under CC0 License."True Love" by Sergey...

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