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Last visited April 13, 2020
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In case anyone has questions about my rating system:

5 stars - For that very rare game that gets absolutely everything right. I will not be giving out many of these.

4 stars - Highly recommended game with great writing, compelling characters, a good balance of plot and puzzles, and no major bugs.

3 stars - A solidly written, above-average game, or a potentially excellent one marred by bugs or other problems.

2 stars - IF that's average on every level, or else a good effort with a game-breaking bug, poor design decisions, or other major issues that keep me from fully recommending it.

1 star - A poorly written or distasteful game made by an author who either didn't understand what they were doing, or didn't care. Not recommended.

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Interactive Fiction by Lumin

Aegis, by Lumin (2010)
(3 ratings)

"...to hand out justice and mercy in balanced measures, to uphold the law of Greatwater and of its Council, and above all to never tarnish the honor of the Aegis that I hold and swear all this by."

Bringing the Rain, by Lumin (2009)
(1 rating)

It hasn't rained in your village for almost three years. You are young, not quite a man, carrying nothing. You've decided to climb to the top of Feather Mountain to the east, where the rain used to...

The Dangers of Driving at Night, by Lumin (2009)

While pulling an all-nighter on the road, you stop at a tiny gas station to refuel your vehicle and your tired mind.

Happy Valley, by Lumin (2008)
(1 rating)

The Marlin Affair: Prologue, by Lumin (2008)

You are June Starr, a young intergalactic spy who has just flubbed her first real mission. While observing the powerful Marlin Grey, your cover is blown, and he throws you into a death trap. Now,...

Quest for Food, by Lumin (2006)

You're a small animal named Swishtail the Sniffy, and you're hungry. You know the humans keep food in the huge plastic can. You just have to get to it.

Salutations, by Lumin (2008)

You've always fancied yourself an outdoorsman and are quick to tell anyone who asks that your hobby is hiking. Now, you've spotted a dessicated deer's corpse and something dropped from the trees to...

Recommended Lists by Lumin

Recommended ADRIFT games - 14 items   August 21, 2011
There is so much IF made with ADRIFT out there. Like with any platform a certain percentage of them are just plain...not good, but there...

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Reviews by Lumin

The Reluctant Resurrectee, by David Whyld   August 22, 2011
"David Whyld's 'The Reluctant Resurrectee' took second place in the 2007 Spring Thing, and is the sequel to an earlier, smaller work,..." - See the full review

Starship Volant: Stowaway, by C. Henshaw   August 22, 2011
"Coming in third place in the Spring Thing 2007, Christy Henshaw's "Starship Volant: Stowaway" is a short sci-fi adventure about...well, a..." - See the full review

Wes Garden's Halting Nightmare, by Jubell   August 22, 2011
"Maybe I'm just a sucker for mindscrew plots and hand drawn art and ominous music in an IF game. Made with the unregistered version of..." - See the full review

Camelot, by Finn RosenlÝv   August 22, 2011
"Looking at file sizes, Camelot was the heftiest game in the 2010 SummerComp, continuing Finn's trend of writing longer IF, something I..." - See the full review

The Alchemist, by Renata Burianova   August 22, 2011
"This is the most frustrating game I've ever played. On one hand, there are important things that seem broken, underimplemented, unclued,..." - See the full review

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